OptiMind: A Serious Nootropic

If you have heard of nootropics and done any research into brands, you have probably bumped into Optimind. This is a highly-rated, popular, and successful product made by successful people to help other people become more successful in what they do.

Although nootropics support your aims at leading a full and satisfying life, a lot of successful individuals say it is a state of mind that enables you to achieve objectives. Make sure the state of your mind is ready to keep up with your goals and dreams. Optimind can help.

What Are Nootropics?

These are foods, supplements, vitamins, and even drugs which help your brain function at a higher level than otherwise. They reportedly give you more energy, focus, and clarity; optimize cognitive performance; and even fend off brain-related conditions which take away quality of life and impede consumers in their academic and professional aims. Such problems include loss of memory, poor concentration, depression, and lethargy.

Optimind on the Internet

Most consumers will buy this product over the internet where a free trial awaits. I’m always a bit leery of these and would encourage you to simply buy a bottle from a trusted source.

Their ratings are good and rankings place them in the top-ten of combined supplements. Some links take you to information about individual components, but searching for brands brings consumers to products like this one. It will not be inexpensive; then again, what is better memory, more energy, and increased focus worth to you?

What Is Optimind?

This supplement contains only the best ingredients blended in a GMP-certified facility which is powered by the sun because this company cares about the environment. The best ingredients in the world for mental performance.

Important ingredients go into creating an effective daily supplement; naturally occurring nutrients like Phosphatidylserine from soybeans, Tyrosine from seaweed, Bacoside A, Vinpocetine, and Green Tea. Huperzine A, GABA, Taurine, Vitamin B12, and other nutrients combine forces to enhance memory, concentration and other features of a sound mind.

Fact, Not Myth

Caffeine is a stimulant to help you stay awake, but GABA stops this from becoming a problem (jitteriness, for instance). Vitamin B12 is an energizer, important for metabolic health.

Memory gets a boost from Bacopa while Phosphatidylserine works on your cells to strengthen them, and Vinpocetine promotes circulation. There is much more to be said, but read the website for details.

Research to support these claims comes from places such as the National Center for Biotechnology, the International Life Sciences Institute, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Background information is solid; you can trust what they say about the components which make this a potent product.

How to Take Optimind

First of all, the experts at Optimind recommend taking these pills with a lot of water. Your best defense against fatigue and memory loss is adequate water and few people manage to drink enough.

Next, take these supplements every day. You will probably notice some benefits right away, although it takes time to detect significant difference in your cognitive health and performance.

Thirdly, at Optimind they tell people to do what highly successful individuals do: set goals and believe in them. That is really where it all begins. What’s the point of taking Optimind and feeling mentally sharper without having somewhere to direct your crisp decision-making skills and vivid memory?

How OptiMind Is Different from the Rest

Don’t get me wrong; there are several other, very effective nootropics worth considering. Some, however, only work slowly whereas consumer should notice an immediate increase in energy and concentration with this supplement.

Moreover, there is already a considerable amount of consumer response to Optimind as compared with some lesser-known supplements.

I would exercise caution, however; no address is given; no company location. Consumers are expected to start a subscription.

Lumonol: Cognitive Enhancment Nootropic Supplement

If you type “brain health supplements” or “nootropics supplements” into your browser, a list of review pages will show you the top sellers, the best brands of nootropics, and even break it down by the top-ten products.

Often, these links lead to individual supplements found within combination pills which provides a lot of essential information, and usually ads in sidebars lead you to the products you are looking for. Where does Lumonol fit into the advertising and information about nootropics?

Needle in a Haystack

Unfortunately for the makers of Lumonol, internet rankings might not list Lumonol on page one or even page two. It’s not a major player or as highly-rated as, say, Optimind and Alpha Brain.

Most top-5 and even top-10 lists don’t feature it. Then again, if you know Lumonol is out there and have heard good things, just type in the brand and find out how it performs against some of the industry’s best products.

Why Is Lumonol Lagging?

Lots of factors influence a product’s performance on the net. It might not be well-advertised. The product could be fractionally less effective or cause some side effects not seen in other supplements. Price and availability could be an issue or the item is not as well established as others. Older products have dominated but, in time, Lumonol could nudge nootropics out of their top-10 or top-5 places.

What Is Lumonol?

Now that you know it exists, are you curious? Lumonol sounds bright and fresh; like a light-bulb going on (or what we would call an “a-ha moment”). That’s appropriate for the field it represents where products are supposed to make people feel like they are living out a full “a-ha” day.

Lumonol contains Gingko Biloba, Guarana, Phosphatydil Serine, Acetyl-L Carnitine, Panax Ginseng, and other ingredients which provide benefits directly to the brain. As one might guess, Panax Ginseng and Gingko Biloba have been doing this for centuries in the countries where they originate. Modern chemists and pharmacists discovered their usefulness some years ago, but their application to nootropics as a formal category has been relatively recent.

Consumers take two or up to 4 tablets daily, preferably spread out, for up to 3 months at a time with a 1-month break. Effects are said by the makers of Lumonol to be cumulative, so you won’t notice an instant improvement in concentration, energy, or memory.

Give your mind a chance to feel the boost. Visit their excellent website for more information and products. Here you learn that Lumonol is made in the United States using FDA-approved ingredients in a GMP-certified laboratory using only vegetarian ingredients.

That’s reassuring, as some nootropics were once extracted from animal brains. That’s a scary thought given what we know about the human form of mad-cow disease.

More about Active Ingredients

Why are these ingredients important? Our bodies can make some of them to a point, but we also boost those numbers by eating foods which contain them.

I’m speaking about Phosphatidyl Serine and Acetyl-L Carnitine in particular. Phosphatidyl Serine has been applied to treatments for ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other illnesses impacting cognitive function as well as mood disorders.

Acetyl-L Carnitine is related to energy. Vitamin B-12, another element of this brain-enhancing mixture, improves memory and moods.

The Lumonol formula should decrease feelings of depression or anxiety and stimulate the brain without requiring a lot of actual stimulants such as caffeine.

Take “Nova Boost,” however, and the jump-start you need midway through a long day where you have to concentrate a lot could lead to jitteriness, but that’s an additional product.

Ginseng is associated with many other health benefits including some which should interest anyone at risk of Type-2 Diabetes or heart disease. Gingko Biloba, like Ginseng, could provide health-giving side effects across the entire body as well as memory improvement.


Many drugs are helpful when taken as recommended by a doctor. Some of these are necessary for one to properly function, such as narcotics for extreme pain that interferes with daily life or “uppers” given to people with narcolepsy.

Modafinil is a legitimate product used to keep people awake when they might otherwise wrestle with sleepiness. Individuals who have to stay awake when most of the town is sleeping or who can’t even stay away in the daytime will consume this product or one of several others on the market in the same class and can do so safely if they follow a doctor’s orders.

What is Modafinil?

On their website, Modafinil by Sun Pharma is described as a pill for treating people who are always sleepy, even during the daytime. Testimonies from clients of all ages in various areas of life applaud this drug for its ability to enhance mental performance.

You could call it a nootropic, then, but more powerful than a natural mental stimulant from a plant source or fish oil. Sun Pharma of India makes millions of these pills yearly for distribution around the world.

Affordable Product Available Online

Low-cost drug manufacturing is a double-edged sword. It makes important medications available to people who could not otherwise afford them, but cheap drug companies also make these substances too easily available to substance abusers. Individuals don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to obtain Modafinil if the cost is not a problem, so slipping into the habit is far too easy.

Dangers of Modafinil

When used responsibly and intelligently, Modafinil is a safe and useful wakefulness supplement. This is true as long as you are not taking any other medications and do not suffer from another condition.

While side effects are common, they are not usually life-threatening. Unfortunately, scientific evidence and experiences by consumers show that there are many ways in which consuming this drug can lead to health problems and even fatalities.

Side effects range from mild to severe reactions and even lethal results; that’s normal with most drugs. What might seem astonishing is the number of other medications Modafinil could interact with and the severity of the outcome.

There are hundreds of possible scenarios: experiencing mild anxiety, sleeplessness, or feeling itchy would be mild. An overactive heart rate, a rash covering your whole body, or breathing problems could be moderate or serious.

Patients should always tell their doctors if they are taking any medication. Do not assume she knows. There could be an alternative drug available.

Nootropic Hype

Some nootropics are considered relatively harmless and mainstream such as fish oil pills and caffeine. One can certainly overdose on caffeine, achieving a jittery feeling by drinking too much coffee, and it’s addictive.

Most people would argue that herbal supplements won’t hurt but might also not be as effective as claimed, even if they have been used by tribal cultures for centuries to provide energy or wakefulness during battle.

Where drugs like Modafinil are concerned, however, there is serious worry that consumers will access the drug for illegitimate reasons and abuse it. In other words, they will buy it independent of a doctor’s suggestion just to enhance their mental performance, not to treat a condition or deal with shift-work fatigue.

Lumping nootropics together is dangerous because some are derived from plants and others are chemical creations with serious potential side effects.

Substance Abuse Alert

How do you know if you are abusing a drug which stimulates the nervous system? What if it works the way Sun Pharma says it should and all you can see is the up-side?

There is always a downside to feeding your body with a chemical it doesn’t make on its own. The outcome could be that you suffer a heart attack.

Recognize the signs of addiction. Firstly, can you fall asleep at night? Is your heart-rate speeding up? Can you go a day without taking Modafinil?

You should be able to take a break when you are away from your job for any length of time and able to sleep during regular hours like anyone else. Do you crave it to the point that your need supersedes other financial considerations?

These are all bad signs. It is also very bad to mix Modafinil with alcohol or other uppers. Doing so could cause a stimulant-rush to the heart, landing you in ER or, worse, the morgue.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

Many of the products touted for their role in weight loss, athletic enhancement, and fertility treatment are already found in the body. Sometimes they are not available in large enough amounts or something has caused a mix-up in the system such as illness or a lifestyle decision.

Hormones are frequently affected by conditions of the pituitary glands but also environmental factors, and we all know how important hormones are to just about everything.


These regulate moods, fertility, and metabolism and also have an effect on bodily features. Men create more testosterone than ladies who mostly make estrogen. What happens when these hormones are out of balance? One of the major consequences is infertility.

Infertility and HCG

HCG is the hormone which regulates ovulation in women and also plays a role in male fertility. When a woman releases an egg, HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ensures the egg is healthy and ready to be matched with a sperm to create new life.

If anything interrupts the release, production, or efficacy of HCG in the body, a woman can suffer from infertility. The same is true for men. Even if the woman’s eggs are fine, his reproductive system might not have matured properly.

HCG and Weight Loss

Many people believe that taking an HCG supplement paired with a very low-calorie diet is a safe way to lose weight. Their argument is that HCG is probably responsible for enabling a woman with severe pregnancy-related sickness to not lose significant weight causing miscarriage, even though she might only be unintentionally ingesting three quarters or half of her healthy pre-pregnancy caloric intake.

If she can manage on so few calories without losing her baby, surely a person can cut his or her calories down to less than 1,000 while taking HCG supplements and be safe too. Note that women in this condition are often very tired and unable to do a whole lot.

Athletes and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Some researchers believe that taking HCG can increase the production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for what makes men masculine, or having big muscles. There isn’t much research into the use of HCG as an athletic enhancement supplement because medical professionals do not want to subject participants to related risks.

Testosterone is the body’s own, natural steroid but adding anabolic steroids from external sources is both dangerous and illegal in the sporting world.

Taking HCG

How do people consume HCG? The most effective way to do this is by having an injection. This means the product must be obtained from a mammalian source or made synthetically.

The place to get HCG is from an embryo, presumably a human embryo. This raises ethical questions of course leading to the creation and prevalence of synthetic sources.

Injections come with risks including bruising, striking a nerve, and contamination. Have a doctor do this for you if he or she is willing. In cases of infertility, this is the protocol anyway as the process is closely monitored.

If this is a weight-loss plan, have a trustworthy person help you decode the ingredients and other fine print on websites so you are not exposing yourself to something unwanted unintentionally.

Most of the time, customers will find that oral source do nothing. They don’t cause side effects, nor do they help with weight loss or muscular production. More importantly, there are dangers associated with unregulated use of HCG.

Side Effects

The use of HCG and other substances in sports is an issue that never goes away. Scientists simply find ways to get around regulations and new products that don’t show up in tests. HCG will show up, leading to a ban.

In the past, users of this and other testosterone-boosting substances have suffered from infertility, women have grown facial hair, and men have developed breasts.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Mushrooms are attributed with numerous negative and positive properties. Bad mushrooms, though beautiful, can be toxic or cause hallucinations.

Good mushrooms are tasty and, depending on the variety, contain iron vitamins, antioxidants, and other properties.

They are low-calorie snacks, good raw or cooked, and Portobello Mushrooms replace meat patties in vegetarian burgers. Where does the Lion’s Mane Mushroom land on this spectrum of fatal-to-fantastic?

The Lion’s Roar

Scientists and nutritionists are slowly discovering the benefits of this special mushroom, especially as they apply to neurological health.

In Japan they are known as Yamabushitake. The Latin term is Hericium Erinaceus.

Maybe you have already encountered one of these products as they are starting to do a roaring trade in health food stores and gourmet or Asian markets.

Why Lion’s Mane?

Their name is inspired by the hair-like strands flowing all around, like a pompom. Sometimes these resemble cauliflower instead.

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom is distinctive; a unique looking pale fungi consumers could not mistake for one of its poisonous cousins. Although the Japanese name resembles that of Shitake mushrooms, they appear nothing alike.

Scientific Reports

Why are Hericium Erinaceus causing such a stir in the health food community and medical research? Connection between them and brain health are causing all the excitement and publicity.

Statistics regarding rates of neurological and cognitive impairment in an aging society have medical professionals and pharmacists crying out for answers so they can help their patients.

As communities become older, toxins and diseases influence their brain function. Modern living is having a dreadful impact on brain health, but just living longer takes its toll.

Every time any natural substance is revealed to possess even the minute potential to prevent, slow, or reverse such damage, people get excited. That’s what is happening with Lion’s Mane.

Reports suggest this gourmet ingredient reduces plaque formation in the brain and supports the growth of cells to maintain and repair the brain.

Moods and Mushrooms

Another benefit associated with these exotic mushrooms is that they have a positive impact on moods. There is evidence that Lion’s Mane reduces extremes whether one suffers from anxiety or depression. Properties in this food support the balance of mood-related chemicals in the brain.

Consuming Mushrooms

The problem with these mushrooms as with other sorts is that lots of people don’t like them. How do you get someone to eat a food that makes them feel nauseated, even if it provides so many benefits?

You don’t; feed them an extract made from Lion’s Mane Mushrooms instead. Supplements are turned into pills made by firms such as Purica, Host Defense, and Matrix.

They boast brain-boosting properties as well as digestive benefits. What are you looking for when purchasing products?

As always, ensure that Lion’s Mane or one of its aliases is the main ingredient. It might be that a small proportion of the powder in each capsule is Lion’s Mane, but the rest is calcium, magnesium, and other fillers.

As beneficial as minerals and vitamins are to the body, you shouldn’t pay exotic prices unless you’re getting what the product promotes in big font.

Also, be sure ingredients do not include foods you are allergic to. Many fillers and coatings contain soy, wheat, and whey. Any allergens will potentially negate the benefits as they cause problems in the GI tract which impact absorption or cause more problems than the active ingredient helps to solve.