Many drugs are helpful when taken as recommended by a doctor. Some of these are necessary for one to properly function, such as narcotics for extreme pain that interferes with daily life or “uppers” given to people with narcolepsy.

Modafinil is a legitimate product used to keep people awake when they might otherwise wrestle with sleepiness. Individuals who have to stay awake when most of the town is sleeping or who can’t even stay away in the daytime will consume this product or one of several others on the market in the same class and can do so safely if they follow a doctor’s orders.

What is Modafinil?

On their website, Modafinil by Sun Pharma is described as a pill for treating people who are always sleepy, even during the daytime. Testimonies from clients of all ages in various areas of life applaud this drug for its ability to enhance mental performance.

You could call it a nootropic, then, but more powerful than a natural mental stimulant from a plant source or fish oil. Sun Pharma of India makes millions of these pills yearly for distribution around the world.

Affordable Product Available Online

Low-cost drug manufacturing is a double-edged sword. It makes important medications available to people who could not otherwise afford them, but cheap drug companies also make these substances too easily available to substance abusers. Individuals don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to obtain Modafinil if the cost is not a problem, so slipping into the habit is far too easy.

Dangers of Modafinil

When used responsibly and intelligently, Modafinil is a safe and useful wakefulness supplement. This is true as long as you are not taking any other medications and do not suffer from another condition.

While side effects are common, they are not usually life-threatening. Unfortunately, scientific evidence and experiences by consumers show that there are many ways in which consuming this drug can lead to health problems and even fatalities.

Side effects range from mild to severe reactions and even lethal results; that’s normal with most drugs. What might seem astonishing is the number of other medications Modafinil could interact with and the severity of the outcome.

There are hundreds of possible scenarios: experiencing mild anxiety, sleeplessness, or feeling itchy would be mild. An overactive heart rate, a rash covering your whole body, or breathing problems could be moderate or serious.

Patients should always tell their doctors if they are taking any medication. Do not assume she knows. There could be an alternative drug available.

Nootropic Hype

Some nootropics are considered relatively harmless and mainstream such as fish oil pills and caffeine. One can certainly overdose on caffeine, achieving a jittery feeling by drinking too much coffee, and it’s addictive.

Most people would argue that herbal supplements won’t hurt but might also not be as effective as claimed, even if they have been used by tribal cultures for centuries to provide energy or wakefulness during battle.

Where drugs like Modafinil are concerned, however, there is serious worry that consumers will access the drug for illegitimate reasons and abuse it. In other words, they will buy it independent of a doctor’s suggestion just to enhance their mental performance, not to treat a condition or deal with shift-work fatigue.

Lumping nootropics together is dangerous because some are derived from plants and others are chemical creations with serious potential side effects.

Substance Abuse Alert

How do you know if you are abusing a drug which stimulates the nervous system? What if it works the way Sun Pharma says it should and all you can see is the up-side?

There is always a downside to feeding your body with a chemical it doesn’t make on its own. The outcome could be that you suffer a heart attack.

Recognize the signs of addiction. Firstly, can you fall asleep at night? Is your heart-rate speeding up? Can you go a day without taking Modafinil?

You should be able to take a break when you are away from your job for any length of time and able to sleep during regular hours like anyone else. Do you crave it to the point that your need supersedes other financial considerations?

These are all bad signs. It is also very bad to mix Modafinil with alcohol or other uppers. Doing so could cause a stimulant-rush to the heart, landing you in ER or, worse, the morgue.

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